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1st Class Free! Stop by one of our locations near you!

Whether you are looking to get into shape, or are already in shape, WMC classes have something to offer all experience levels. Gain strength, flexibility, and coordination. Capoeira is a rich cultural experience, great exercise, and a great time. All of our locations promote a family friendly atmosphere and are open to ages 9-60. Prices vary per location. Please visit our locations page for more information.


Upcoming Events:

July 15th – July 17th

Gingarte Chicago  – Batizado & Formatura



August 25 – August 29

CDO West Michigan – Tudo Chicote


October 19 – October 23

CDO Las Angeles Batizado


Apil 24th 2017 – April 30th 2017

CDO Paris – Passo A Frente


West Michigan Capoeira is an L3C dedicated to promoting healthy living and empowerment through the art of Capoeira. We offer programs that encourage physical and mental development, provide rich cultural experience, and are a lot of fun. Everyone is welcome and no experience is necessary! Please contact us for class pricing, to request a live demonstration, or if you would like to start a program in your community.