Events 2015

West Michigan Capoeira & Cordão De Ouro’s

Batizado & Troca De Cordao


Join us at our annual event! Take part in workshops and experience Afro-Brazilian culture. This year is expected to be our biggest event yet. Don’t miss out!

Guest list:

Mestre Chicote (CDO Paris)
* Denis Chiaramonte (CAC of Mestr João Grande)

CM Lobinho (CDO Mangalot)
CM Cabecao (CDO Iowa)
CM Xango (CDO California)
Professor Malandro (Filos De Bimba)
Professora Tiririca (CDO Iowa)
Professor Manhoso (Ann Arbor Capoeira)
Professor Baz (CDO Isreal)
Instrutor Baiano (CDO Kentucky)
Instrutor Coxinha
More to come

7-9 open workshop and roda

Registration 430-5
Workshops 5-8:30
9-10 Dinner at Old China Buffet

9:30-10:00 Registration
10:00-4 Workshops. More details to come.
4-530 Lunch break. So I can feed CM Cabecao lol
5:30 Open roda
6:00 Batizado
9:00 Dinner and party. Dinner party will be an additional ten bucks. Guest and children are welcome but same price apply.

12:00 Open question and answer with invited guest, and BBQ will be at Show’s house. Meat will be provided(Show’s pulled pork sandwiches), but feel free to bring a side dish to pass.

90 dollars for early registration from now till Aug 15th. Shirt is guaranteed
110 dollars after Aug 15th. Shirts if available.
Friday only 65 dollars (shirt not included)
Saturday only 80 dollars (shirt included if available)
Shirt only 20 dollars. (If available)
Single day prices are for at the door only.
You must register and pay to get early registration price and be guaranteed a shirt.

*West Michigan Capoeira, L3C does not receive any proceeds, or profit from this event. Please do NOT make any payments to West Michigan Capoeira, L3C.